I Love Dean Ambrose-Jon Moxley


*Briefcase vibrates*

Seth: It’s an electric razor.

Me:……..You have a full beard. What the fuck are you shaving?

Does anyone else miss mixed tag team matches? Because I would love to see Dean Ambrose and Brie Bella vs Seth Rollins and Nikki Bella! That would be one interesting match full of different emotions!!!!


Got asked how Jon and Joe looked in disaster okay soooo. So far joe is 17. That’s his body now in disaster but his hair I made it how long it is now. Jon that’s his hair in the story. He looks completely like that but pregnant and red highlights in his hair. (I’m gonna make his hair dyed again like that reddish pink)

Oh yeah and Jon has his little earring. So hope that helps.


HA! So glad this was put on YT. Loving the Billy Idol sneer there, Dean.


You Call that Dean !!


Roman Reigns // WWE Countdown

Things I’d Like To Say To Dean Ambrose If I Ever Met Him (But Would Never Have The Guts To):

Anyone disagree?


Anyone disagree?